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It’s thinking it’s Thursday + it’s actually Friday

Are you losing that feeling?

Despite your best efforts, all manner of things can rain on your travel programme parade.

Out-of-policy hotel bookings? They’re right up there.

So, if your travel programme’s sprung a leak, it’s no surprise you’re losing that in-policy feeling.

Are you losing that feeling
Dealing with out-of-policy hotel bookings2

Dealing with out-of-policy hotel bookings

The best way? Give travellers everything they’re looking for, so they won’t book anywhere else.

That in-policy feeling: the perks

Aside from the overwhelming sense of satisfaction + peace of mind, the benefits to your business can be huge.

  • Better traveller visibility + support
  • Lower lodging costs
  • More accurate ESG measurement
  • Higher booking volumes + stronger supplier relationships
  • Better rate inclusions + traveller wellbeing
the perks-2
Don’t lose that feeling to out-of-policy hotel bookings

Don’t lose that feeling to out-of-policy hotel bookings

HotelHub’s one-stop shop + book platform makes booking hotels for business travel simple.

Our smart tech is jam-packed with features that reduce out-of-policy spend.

  • Millions of unique properties to choose from, including support for direct connects + corporate housing
  • Personalised search results based on traveller booking behaviour
  • Centralised bookings, whether offline via your TMC or online using a designated booking tool
  • Policy integration, including supplier + rate preferencing
  • Support for all payment modes, including corporate/agency bill-back + virtual cards

Get that feeling

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